The War Between Hackers and Organizations

August 29, 2016

With the news reporting all of the recent attacks made against major organizations, such as Target, Sony and Anthem, it is astonishing how few companies are preparing to implement new security measures. With two in five IT decision makers (ITDMs) admitting that passwords are their only IT security measures it is vexing for not only the organizations but also those that work with these organizations. With this large of a statistic it seems safe to say that organizations are not aware of the inherent risks of using a password-only access security system.

What does this mean for the war that hackers are raising against any and all organizations? It means that organizations are losing and hackers are winning. Now that we as a society are aware of the deficit in security measures of organizations, it is time for ITDMs to acknowledge the problem and take their organizations security back in to their own hands and create a safeguard for all of their corporate and personal information.

Did you know 44 percent of respondents to a recent survey done by Opinium do not have plans to change their security model in the next two years? Why are they waiting two years if they see the problem now and there are solutions readily available?

For those who are ready to move away from password-only access, biometrics is on the cusp of being commonplace as a security measure in organizations. On a daily basis people are using biometrics with our smartphones and tablets and soon that will be how not only ITDMs protect security systems but also how workers of organizations will log in to their VPNs, cloud systems and on premise applications. IT decision makers believe that biometrics will be the security measure to use within 5 years’ time.

The IT landscape is constantly growing and creating new authentication systems but organizations are slow to adapt. In order for organizations to take back their winning stance against hackers they need to be more flexible and willing to change to ensure that their sensitive data is not stolen, where the victim organization ends up like Sony Pictures where the breach causes reputation damage in addition to stolen data.

The research, conducted by Opinium for SecureAuth, studied the approach businesses have to their IT security and access control and all figures, unless otherwise stated, are from Opinium. Total sample size was 500 IT decision makers in organisations in the UK with 50 or more employees. Fieldwork was undertaken between 20th February and 4th March 2015. The survey was carried out online.
*Based on an average 8 hour working day and 233 working days a year excluding bank holidays and 20 days annual leave

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