We Are All Commanders

January 17, 2012

I wanted to talk a little about why I (and the rest of my team) like working on our Insight product this week.  There are very few times in someone’s career where they can work on something that’s technologically cutting edge AND addressing an industry need. Honestly, you’d be surprised at the sheer number of engineering projects that are exceptionally cool (and also exceptionally large failures) or that are successful, but are soul-crushing in the innovation department (in that they address a business need, but are fundamentally boring).

My team and I get to work on a product that addresses a business need, while also writing cutting edge code that is the first commercial use for a lot of the different methods we use. As we go full-tilt into development of the next version, it’s amazing seeing the excited looks on engineering faces at the new features we’re putting in. As one of the fearless leaders of our development team, it makes me feel good when someone gets a feature and we work on a design, and they can’t help but get excited about getting to work on it.

That’s what makes the Insight development crew hum. A crack engineer can sling code anywhere, even in a down market… but if what they do is very rewarding and they are part of a dynamic, growing team, that’s a clear victory.

To any of my fellow engineering whizzes who take themselves out of Eclipse long enough to read this: Good work in 2011 guys. Let’s tear up 2012, too.


- Ken Pickering, Development Manager, Security Intelligence


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