Welcome Back, Lisa Lombardo!

January 20, 2016

Core Security and their incredible team are not the only new additions to Courion. We are thrilled to welcome back Lisa Lombardo to Courion. Lisa recently sat down with me and gave me a bit more insight on why she came back and what she thinks of the company today.

Ashley Sims: Lisa, you were here for over 18 years. You left during the recapitalization and resulting restructuring last spring and we are thrilled to announce that you have just come back. Can you let us know why you made this important decision?

Lisa Lombardo:Look, I knew Courion had to change, we all did, but with change comes uncertainty. We lost a lot of great people and while I say I ìleftî the company, I was never that far away because I was still helping out in a consulting capacity during the transition. That gave me a front seat to see the ìsausage being madeî and it wasnít always pretty ñ It strained many parts of the organization. However, Iíve also gotten to see the investments that have been made across our business and their resulting benefits. Our capacity to deliver has grown with our expanded partner network, our internal and customer training has gone from adequate to ever-improving, our backend financial, expense and customer management systems are all upgraded so our business just runs faster, more smoothly and more effectively. I was surprised to learn weíve hired and ramped 120+ people. We have the resources to invest in improvements in deployability, reliability and UX across the product offerings. With the acquisitions of SecureReset and Bay31, they make our existing products better and you can see that with our merger with Core Security that begins to delivers a new, intelligent driven, better together vision for the entire security industry. Finally, and perhaps most important to me, we have absolute clarity that making our cherished customers ìraving fansî is a pillar of our business. Here again we have made much needed and long sought after investments ñ our new Customer Success organization is bigger and better than ever. Yes, I am glad to rejoin Courion but I am happier that my Courion is improving and advancing both tactically and strategically.

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