What Is Identity Management and Access Management and Why Is It Important?

Ty Chaston
January 22, 2020

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In business, there are various systems used with varying levels of access. Someone who may have access to a system, may not have access to certain components within the system.

This is essential in ensuring the confidentiality of certain areas and documents.

But how do we discern between someone who is allowed access in one area and not another?

This is where identity and access management comes into the picture.

What is identity management exactly?

This article will look into that and show you how it’s an essential component of any type of business.

What is Identity Management?

Identity management works together with access management to ensure that only certain people or groups are allowed access to a particular system or application.

Identity management authenticates users to tell you whether they are allowed access, whereas access management provides authorization. Together they are the perfect complement for a secure system.

However, identity and access management (IAM) technology goes beyond simply managing access to systems.

Some capabilities of a good IAM system include the ability to:

  • Allow specific roles with access to certain areas of the system
  • Provide view access only to certain roles, so they can’t make changes
  • Limit some roles from sending or receiving data outside of the system, reducing the risk of exposing data to third parties

The Need for Identity and Access Management

IAM is an essential component of an effective business security plan. Cyberattacks often involve the use of compromised credentials in order to gain access to a business’s systems.

With IAM, you can protect your business against these threats through the added layer of security around digital identities.

The Technology Behind It

There are various technologies out there to simplify different aspects of IAM. One of these solutions is single sign-on (SSO) technology to reduce the amount of passwords you need to access a system. SSO makes this possible by using one login and password to make an authentication token for use within a variety of different systems or applications.

Another of these solutions is multi-factor authentication. This is a method of identity verification in which a username and two or more pieces of identification are presented for protection against phishing. It ensures that all identities within your system are verified using more than a single step.

Reaping the Benefits of Identity and Access Management

IAM is not just another business tool. What is identity management? It’s a gatekeeper to your business’s data. IAM is a crucial aspect of protecting sensitive business systems and assets from unauthorized access.

When it comes to protecting your data, the benefits of IAM cannot be denied. Take the extra steps to protect you and your business and you’ll negate the need for crisis management due to a security breach.

Interested in seeing how these tools can work within your business? Request a demo and get started in securing your workforce identity today.

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