Why Corporate Sponsored Hacking is a Good Thing

February 28, 2012

Google Inc recently posted a challenge offering up to $1M to successful hackers at CanSecWest who can hack the Chrome Web Browser. In contrast to Adobe’s recent decry of the ethical hacking movement, Google seems to have gone the opposite direction and embraced the independent security community. Such moves like this are really positive for both the community and the company offering the prize. (Two other good examples are the Facebook Hacker Cup and HP TippingPoint’s Pwn2Own)


Both sides in this situation win: researchers get paid for their efforts and companies can provide a more secure and stable product to their consumers.

So, kudos to Google for putting their money on the table for the security community to take a crack at. Moves like this can only improve software for the better.


- Ken Pickering, Development Manager, Security Intelligence



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