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Why IT Needs a New Unified Security Architecture Strategy

Tram Nguyen
September 26, 2018

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Citrix and The Ponemon Institute conducted a study of over 4,268 leading IT security industry experts in 14 countries to find out why businesses are lagging in addressing increasingly more sophisticated and pervasive cyber attacks.

Some Key Findings:

  1. 53% of respondents felt that the need for a unified view of users across the enterprise was the #1 goal of a new IT security framework in their organization. (we can link to the dashboard here once we have one)
  2. 69% of respondents felt that some of their organization’s existing security solutions are outdated and inadequate.
  3. 59% of respondents felt that in their organization, employees and third parties bypass security policies and technologies because they are too complex.
  4. 77% of respondents felt that Machine Learning was one of the most important technology trends to reduce security risks.

Click here to read the whole article and download the full study.

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