Will Security Match Up to The World Cup's Cyber Threats?

June 19, 2014

In this week’s SecurityWeek Article, CEO Mark Hatton explains why he is watching the World Cup with a vested interest and rooting hard for the cyber security teams.

The World Cup kicked off last Thursday, marking the beginning point of more than a month of futbol hysteria. The World Cup is the most watched event on the planet and the runner up isn’t even close. According to the Federation International Football Association (FIFA) television audience report released after the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, 3.2 billion people, nearly half the global population at the time, tuned into at least a portion of the matches. Nearly one billion people tuned into the final match alone. Just for comparison’s sake, the highest ranking Super Bowl of all-time was in 2012 between the NY Giants and the New England Patriots and drew an audience of only 111 million.

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The global fascination with the World Cup is unrivaled and with Brazil hosting this year, it’s expected to be even bigger this time around. So what does this have to do with cyber security? A great deal actually. Anytime there is a large-scale global event, there is a sharp spike in the number of cyber scams that are unleashed on unsuspecting individuals and organizations to match. Last Thursday morning, on the day World Cup officially got under way, The Guardian ran a piece titled, Don't be a World Cup loser online: give football cyber-scammers the boot. The article summarized how opportunistic cyber criminals will use the enchantment of the World Cup to gain entrance to networks and steal critical information from consumers.

To read the complete article, please visit SecurityWeek at:  http://www.securityweek.com/will-security-match-world-cups-cyber-threats

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