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Year in Review: The Industry Speaks, Part 4 – Simplifying Life with Biometrics

Dr. Abdulrahman Kaitoua
February 15, 2020

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Perspective from our CEO, Shahrokh Shahidzadeh

Shahrokh Shahidzadeh, CEO at Acceptto,

What was your company’s biggest accomplishment in 2019?

In 2019, we received numerous certifications in the span of four months: we became FIDO2 certified, verified Citrix Ready, and extended our offering with Central Authentication Service (CAS) Single Sign On (SSO) integration. All of this together is just the cherry on top of Acceptto being the first solution to offer a no-password authentication process through behavioral continuous authentication solution, detecting anomalies – even post-authorization – and allowing organizations to track and monitor application behavior at runtime.

That’s not all – Acceptto was also selected as a prestigious 2019 SINET 16 Innovator award winner. SINET, a prestigious cybersecurity organization, evaluated hundreds of emerging cybersecurity companies from eighteen countries and selected the 16 most innovative companies. Being recognized as a SINET 16 Innovator is a testament to our continued commitment to eliminating reliance on such weak and outdated controls and instead continuously analyze behaviors and definitively verify legitimate user identity access across cloud, mobile, web and IoT devices, even post-authentication.

What is the greatest opportunity facing the biometrics industry?

Biometrics can now be used to identify you in a more secure manner, even more secure than simply using just your face or thumbprint. By using your behavior, along with your specific biometrics, we can create a more secure form of identification. Your entire behavior, including biometrics, can now become your biobehavioral identity.

What does your company have in store for 2020?

In 2020, Acceptto will accelerate the continued paradigm shift away from traditional passwords and binary authentication such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) and two-factor authentication (2FA). We are tirelessly working towards what artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML) will bring to create and manage an immutable digital identity. New AIML authentication technologies that continuously protect pre-, during, and post authorization while leveraging individual behaviors in a secure and private manner will become mainstream. In 2020, we will see forward thinking CFOs and CISOs looking to augment the Zero Trust rhetoric and a transition to the Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment (CARTA) model. Those early adopters will be in search of not only a context-aware risk-based authentication solution, but also one that processes post-authorization risks, collects actionable intelligence at runtime. Acceptto will be there to answer their call.

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