SecureAuth Named One of the 2017 Best Places to Work in Orange County

We're honored to announce that the Orange County Business Journal has named SecureAuth one of the 2017 Best Places to Work in Orange County! This county-wide competition, managed by independent research firm Best Companies Group, was designed to identify and recognize the best places of employment in Orange County, California. 

Cognitive Dissonance: Americans worry about their online security – while continuing to practice poor password hygiene



It’s 2017, and data breaches are occurring at a record pace. It’s no wonder, then, that Americans are becoming increasingly anxious about their online security. Our recent report with Wakefield Research says Americans are much more likely to be concerned with their online personal information being stolen (69 percent) than their wallet being stolen (31 percent).

Yes, your users are reusing their passwords and user IDs. What can you do to protect your organization?

SecureAuth Identity and Access Management Secures Credentials with Adaptive MultiFactor Authentication
Jeff Hickman


If you’re an IT pro, you’re likely aware of the very real damage that can result from even one user’s credentials being compromised. Once attackers have a foothold in your systems, they can linger for months, steadily increasing their permissions until they find and steal your most valuable data. Many organizations are already working to strengthen their security posture for preventing the misuse of stolen credentials. But one very real risk is typically overlooked:  the social and personal credentials of our end users.

Widespread, Brute-Force, Cloud-to-Cloud Attacks Hit Office 365 Users


An operationalized cloud-to-cloud brute-force attack against Microsoft Office 365 users has hit high-level employees at multiple Fortune 2,000 organizations.

Office 365 Solution Brief


Office 365 has surpassed as the most used cloud application in the world — today, nearly 60% of sensitive data in the cloud is stored in Microsoft Office documents. But with many deployments protected with passwords only, Office 365 has become a prime target for cyber attackers. Office 365 needs better protection, and fast.  This solution brief details how SecureAuth provides the strongest identity protection for the world's most used Cloud app. 

Survey: Majority of Americans Reuse Passwords and Millennials Are the Biggest Culprits


Irvine, Calif. – July 19, 2017SecureAuth Corp., the leader in adaptive access control, today announced results of a survey that reveal Americans’ online security anxiety is real, but their password practices remain sloppy. The report says Americans are much more likely to be concerned with their online personal information being stolen (69 percent) than their wallet being stolen (31 percent).

Survey: Wake-Up Call on Users’ Poor Password Habits

Infographic: A recent SecureAuth survey found that a majority of Americans (81%) reuse passwords -- and Millennials are the biggest culprits! This infographic summarizes the results of the survey and shows how Adaptive Authentication can provide better security and usability in the face of poor password security practices.


Security Podcast: Governance and Compliance


Information security is often an afterthought in an organisation’s planning and spending. And as a subset of that, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) struggles to get the high-level attention it needs.

In part this stems from the fact that GRC activities have traditionally been spread around various departments and functions within the organisation, with no overall control or strategy.