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BeyondCorp brings software-defined network security to Google

Bobby Kuzma, system engineer at Core Security, said the BeyondCorp strategy model is "a natural outgrowth of what cloud providers have been doing for a while now."

"I think that a move to this type of architecture is inevitable… eventually. It's very much akin to, and an outgrowth of, the moves to microservice application architectures," Kuzma told SearchSecurity. "There are a lot of hurdles that Google is able to make disappear by fiat. Legacy applications and non-standard protocols are a problem that impedes this strategy. For enterprises, I think that the legacy application problem is going to be a bigger hurdle than getting devices under active management for trust."

March 3, 2017
The original article Search Security & Google BeyondCorp appeared in Tech Target on March 3, 2017.