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Core Security Expands CoreLabs’ Research to Encompass Vulnerabilities, Attack Paths, Identity, Network Threats and Data Science

ATLANTA, GA (March 29, 2017) - Core Security®, a leader in Vulnerability, Access Risk Management and Network Detection and Response, today announced the expansion of CoreLabs, now the industry’s only research team whose coverage holistically analyzes security attacks across attack vectors, exploits and vulnerabilities, device and identity configurations, and network traffic. 

“Security research that simply focuses on finding zero-days is no longer that useful to organizations who are overwhelmed by the number of devices and vulnerabilities in their organization, and are trying to prioritize their response and remediation efforts,” said Chris Sullivan, CISO and CTO at Core Security. “To truly deliver value to clients, security research teams not only identify vulnerabilities, but must also map those vulnerabilities to attack paths across networks, devices, and identities. Only by doing this can they provide enterprises a comprehensive view of the threats most likely to cause damage to their business and brand, and deliver intelligent information about how to prioritize threat response.”

Tune in to hear CoreLabs members, Willis McDonald, Threat Research Manager and Senior Threat Researcher, Bobby Kuzma, Sorcerer and Chris Sullivan, CISO and CTO on “Riffing on the WikiLeaks Vault7 or the CIA Hacking Dump and What it Means to You…”. To listen, visit

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March 29, 2017