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SecureAuth announces the release of Network Insight v6.4

Irvine, Calif. –Dec. 3, 2018SecureAuth, the leader in continuous identity security, announced the availability of  Network Insight 6.4, an advanced threat detection system that accurately identified hidden infections in real time on live network traffic. Updates to Network Insight help security teams make better informed decisions, and take more efficient actions, resulting in faster remediation and increased productivity. New capabilities help analysts detect attacks from any user, on any device, and in any path using the combination of network security, vulnerability management and identity management data.

The new release adds several new features that help to improve the efficiency and productivity of security teams.  New features include:

Host account mapping
Network Insight host account mapping (HAM) integrates with Active Directory to resolve a computer’s IP address to a hostname. This enables analysts to track devices and their behavior over time, by providing a more accurate method for hostname resolution when compared to reverse DNS and netBIOS.

HAM also bridges identity and security by identifying which users are logging into which assets. By matching users to suspicious or infected devices and tracking their behavior, analysts can identify any user credentials that may be compromised.

ITSM ticketing integration with ServiceNow
New ServiceNow integration enables a Network Insight user to manually initiate a ticket to address a potential compromise. This can be configured to automatically create a ticket, further reducing the time it takes to identify an attack, and begin remediation.

Threat hunting search
Network Insight now provides the ability to search SecureAuth’s threat intelligence data from within Network Insight. With this capability, organizations can gain access to additional intelligence on attackers, threat operator groups and malicious domain names to aid investigations of potential attacks.

Vulnerability Insight integration
For SecureAuth customers currently using Vulnerability Insight, Network Insight now matches vulnerabilities to known exploits and then identifies commonalties across enterprise environments. This additional rich context enables analysts to determine if a device is under attack, has exploitable vulnerabilities, or is being used by attackers to move laterally inside the organization. Aggregating this data helps responders remediate potential risks more quickly.

About SecureAuth
SecureAuth eliminates identity-related breaches through the continuous assessment of risk and the enablement of trust across identities. The company is a leader in access management, identity governance, and penetration testing. SecureAuth’s highly flexible Identity Security Automation platform redefines security through identity making it easier for organizations to prevent the misuse of credentials. To learn more, visit, or connect with us at, Twitter, and LinkedIn.



November 30, 2018