The Power to Adapt

A new solution for modern identity security and access control

Why SecureAuth?

SecureAuth was founded on a single promise: help companies prevent the misuse of stolen identities. This promise led to the development of what is now possibly the best adaptive identity and access management solutions on the planet – ones that provide maximum protection without compromising user experience.

Sounds simple. But in a technology space that includes over 1,800 cyber security vendors – 300 of which are dedicated to identity security issues – very few are actually adaptive and risk-based. And precisely one – SecureAuth - is able to deliver on the promise.

The reason? Adaptability. It’s at the core of everything we do.

Business is ever-evolving – new customers, new employees, new partners, new regulations and challenges. Yet every other security vendor offers “solutions” that require customers to adapt to them instead of having the solution adapt to each customer’s unique situation and needs. The highly flexible SecureAuth solution puts the word “adapt” in “adaptive”. We’ve reset the standard for what customers should expect from their identity security and access control solution.

What does it mean to be adaptive?

Adaptive means keeping up with new threats. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) has given way to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), but we have seen that inflexible, predictable, static defenses can be studied and breached. Dynamic security applied in layers based on predetermined risk factors is the best way to protect your business from cyberattacks. Our solutions have been designed to adapt to risk, and uses multiple threat sensors to dynamically adjust security levels to match. Older static security systems cannot adjust – it’s just one size fits all, which is not only weaker, but it burdens your users. And we are constantly evolving to stay ahead of emerging threats, keeping you protected today and in the future.

Adaptive means interoperating, so we built our products to adapt to new as well as legacy application architectures – making our product the easiest to install and integrate across your existing security architecture. We can protect your VPN, legacy, mobile, on-premise, and cloud applications, using industry standard application and federation protocols, and can implement in hours or days – not months or years.

Adaptive means accommodating your increasingly diverse, mobile, and social workforce and ecosystem. So we created an adaptive architecture that matches your unique use cases for employees, business partners, members and customers. SecureAuth provides the best possible user experience, while protecting everyone and maximizing productivity and profitability.

Adaptive means making existing security better. We know companies are increasingly leveraging Single Sign On (SSO) to increase convenience for users. But SSO alone is no panacea for protection – it actually forms a more concentrated target for cyberattacks. So we offer an integrated SSO option with strong authentication in front of it – an industry first and only – to combine real convenience and true enterprise-grade security.


Old Way Vs. New Adaptive

The Old Way:

Place 2FA in front of everything, all the time or leave certain systems or processes at risk to preserve user convenience…everyone is subjected to the same workflow where one size fits NONE.

The New Adaptive:

  • Adapt continuously to the changing threat landscape and specific user behaviors

  • Adapt multi-factor steps to match pre-authentication risk

  • Adapt to different application architectures and delivery models

  • Adapt situationally to infinite business use cases and different user workflows

  • Adapt to trusted users (step down security)

SecureAuth: Adaptive, Flexible, Secure. Guaranteed.

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