Why SecureAuth?

Identity is now the tip of the spear for CISO’s in the war on cyberattacks. In the new digital ecosystem, identity includes millions of moving parts to manage and secure. Beyond passwords, identities now include relationships between multiple mobile devices, random access points, policies for applications and services, and more. With network access occurring anytime, anywhere, and from any device, the potential for identity-related security breaches has exponentially increased.  

More than 81% of today’s breaches are directly or indirectly related to identity. Static, one-sized, one-dimensional approaches do very little to thwart ever-smarter bad actors and succeed only in annoying users. The problem has become more expansive. And, so must the solution. What’s needed is continuous identity security, and it must provide a deeply-integrated blend of access management and identity governance as a foundational platform of capabilities that profoundly – and radically – reduces threat surfaces.

SecureAuth is leveraged by leading companies, their employees, their customers and their partners to eliminate identity-related breaches. As a leader in access management, identity governance, and vulnerability assessment, SecureAuth is powering an identity security revolution by enabling people and devices to intelligently and adaptively access systems and data, while effectively keeping bad actors from doing harm.  

By ensuring the continuous assessment of risk and enablement of trust, SecureAuth’s highly flexible Identity Security Automation (ISA) platform makes it easier for organizations to prevent the misuse of credentials and exponentially reduce the enterprise threat surface.

SecureAuth uniquely provides:

  1. One integrated platform for access management and identity governance – enables continuously, adaptive identity security by monitoring and responding to threats across entire identity lifecycles.
  1. Hybrid deployment – enables organizations to choose which deployment model (cloud, on-premises, or a combination) is right for them as opposed to being told how they must deploy.
  1. Flexibility - in use case, in workflow, in components— aligning security to risk tolerances, risk appetites and how a company does business (B2E, B2B, B2C).
  1. Best user experience – adaptive work flows, passwordless authentication, the broadest choice of MFA methods and when to apply them – all mean there’s no unnecessary compromise between security and user experience.
  1. Increased visibility – via a revolutionary, visual approach to governance that makes it significantly easier and more accurate to spot provisioning, access, and authorization issues including segregation of duty (SoD) violations.
  1. Automated protection – immediate actions engage once malicious or anomalous behaviors are identified, which help eliminate identity-related breaches in milliseconds instead waiting 100+ days to realize a breach has occurred. 
  1. Open design – embraces custom and third-party extensions that can be deployed seamlessly as integrated components of the ISA platform.

Find out how SecureAuth can profoundly reduce your threat surface without sacrificing user experience. Because security without continuous identity security is effectively no security at all.

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