Core CSP

Core CSP

Advanced Protection for Service Providers and Their Subscribers

Core CSP

Core Security offers Service Providers a purpose-built security system designed to monitor their subscribers from cyber threats without compromising users’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The lightweight, scalable Service Provider solution passively monitors extremely large networks and identifies malicious activity on a subscriber network originating from PC, tablet and mobile devices.

Core Security for Service Providers sits out-of-band and monitors DNS requests from subscribers’ IP addresses, identifying which are infected with malware. Our solution has zero impact on network performance and does not monitor Personally Identifiable Information (PII).


Network Observation

Sensors placed in key locations within your subscriber access network. They listen to passive DNS traffic to pinpoint compromised subscriber IP addresses

Threat Intelligence

Advanced Data Science and machine learning systems that regulate, correlate, and predict infections and threat actors


Suspicious and malicious evidence is aggregated at the management console (MC) and infections are isolated for automatic termination and subscriber notification

Infection Containment

Terminate malicious communications of infected devices by IP or threat actor/operator

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