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Gain efficiency in your pen test

It’s our mission to create a solution for the market that enables you to be more efficient in testing your security. With Impact, you can automate time-consuming tasks and streamline activities allowing you time to test more within your organization. See how you can achieve more in your pen-tests using these features and functions of Impact.

Learn how to pen test efficiently

Streamline reports with Core Impact

Focus on the important things in your penetration test

Validating vulnerability scans

Put the context around vulnerabilities you’re up against

Validating Remediation

Know that your security is working

Conduct Multi-Vector Pivots

Test more than one vector, like an attacker

Change hosts with ease

Easily pivot from one host to another in penetration tests

Discover the value behind Core Impact

The most valuable penetration testing tool is at your fingertips. Created by the industry’s first pen testers and having been around since the inception of pen-testing, you can expect this tool to fully encompass... Core Impact has the ability to grow with you as our security team grows in your organization and provides a space for testers to learn alongside one another.

See the value of pen testing

Licensing Options with Impact
Built by Pen Testers, for Pen Testers

See how you can utilize agents in Core Impact

Do you know everything that your agents can do? Knowing and understanding how you can leverage agents can change the way you pen-test. Understand the way Impact interacts with a host post-exploitation to enable you to better test and move throughout an environment.

Watch how Impact agents work

Encrypt Agent Communications
Command and Control Options
Self-Terminating Agents

Test better with Core Impact

Can you test your company like an attacker would? Can your tools help you quickly and efficiently replicate how a bad actor would attempt to attack your company? Use Core Impact to keep up with not only the latest exploits, but also with the latest attack techniques that real-world attackers use to try to get access to your company.

Learn how to execute better attacks.

Customize Core Impact

Investing in a tool that can scale with your company and the needs of the security of your organization sets you up for future security needs. Core Impact’s ability to add modules and customize to the needs of your security testing enables you to make your pen-test your own. Discover the many ways in which you can customize your test, today.

See how your pen testing tool grows with you

Impact is a Python Framework

Ready to Start?

SecureAuth can maximize both usability and security.

Explore what you can achieve with Core Impact in penetration tests

Core Impact is an easy-to-use penetration testing tool – yet continues to have many features and functions that remain unknown. To help you achieve more with Core Impact, enjoy these quick videos covering topics such as Efficiency, Value, Agents, Attacks, and Expansive Capabilities to ensure you get the most out of your solution and enable you to conduct better penetration tests. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from a Core Impact expert in our Live Tips & Tricks webinars including a Live Q+A session. Each session will focus on a deep dive on a specific topic that you can then take back to your own penetration tests.