Utilize communication methods within your penetration test

Did you know that Impact has a variety of command and control options that you can leverage?

From connecting to or from a target, to hiding the communications in DNS traffic, Impact has a variety of communication methods to better support the different ways that you might want to test. Different types of communications will work best in different scenarios.

For example, When you are inside of a network where direct connections are possible, the “connect to” option is very useful. When you are outside of the network, the “connect from” is usually more effective as it helps you bypass firewalls.

If stealthiness is your aim, using the DNS channel can help by allowing you to mask and disguise the communications inside DNS packets. All you have to do to leverage these varied communication methods is select the type of communication you want the agents to use, and then deploy them. Every communication method features encryption AND mutual authentication between Impact and its agents.

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