Single Sign-On Solution,
Deliver Consistent Access Simply and Securely

Securely enable efficient access to resources across your organization while improving productivity and the user experience

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Streamline Access without Compromising Security

Reduce password fatigue and improve identity security for your organization with a robust access management solution that simplifies the authentication process

Reduce Help Desk Costs

Enable your users to quickly access multiple resources with a single set of login credentials to reduce overhead related password resets

Improve User Adoption of Approved Applications

The convenience and seamless access will create a positive user experience driving ROI for your new applications

Improve User Habits and Behavior

Enables your users to quickly access multiple resources in one platform so they only need to remember one set of password credentials

Simplify Access and the IT Experience

Improve security risks for user data, enhance the user experience, and streamline IT management and login processes 

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Strengthen Your Organization’s Access Security

Gather identity intelligence to make better access decisions

Analyzing device, location, IP address, and behavior to better understand who wants access

Increase security without impacting users

More pre-authentication risk checks than any other vendor

Deliver the right access control

Nearly 30 multi-factor authentication methods to choose from

Tailor authentication experiences

To different user types and systems

Maintain productivity & reduce help desk calls

With user self-service tools

Secure Identities with Confidence

Tailor the login experience to meet the expectations of your users while enforcing strong security

Better Security with a Layered Approach

Implement a multi-factor authentication requirement if your contextual risk checks uncover an anomaly

Deploy your way

Choose between hybrid, on-prem, or cloud delivery

Start Using SecureAuth EPCS and HIPAA-Compliant Identity Access Management

Improve Efficiency and Productivity through Single Sign-On