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Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare Organizations

How to prevent it from happening to you
Tuesday, December 8th at 12:00pm EST/9:00am PST

When Covid-19 first hit the U.S., cyber security professionals raised a concern that threat actors would attack the healthcare industry with ransomware. For a moment, it seemed that hackers would honor an unwritten agreement not to attack the hospitals due to the severity of the pandemic. Many healthcare organizations let their guard down and are now paying for it.

This fall, threat actors began a new wave of attacks against U.S. hospitals. The attacks have the potential to seize operations dramatically impacting patient care and potentially costing organizations well into the millions of dollars. Ransomware attacks are nothing new, but CAN be prevented.

Join Bil Harmer, CISO at SecureAuth, Paul Calatayud, CSO at Palo Alto Networks and Peter Rucys, CISO at Tampa General Hospital for this healthcare-specific discussion on how to prevent these attacks from happening in the first place, and what to do if it’s already happened to you.

Event Agenda (ET):

  • Defense methods such as phishing prevention, security awareness trainings, context-based adaptive authentication, and multi-factor authentication
  • The ethical dilemma. If a ransomware attack happens, should you pay the hackers to protect patient data and perpetuate the ransomware industry, or not pay and put that data at risk?
  • How the pandemic is impacting the future of data protection

This is an intimate executive roundtable so spaces are limited. Please be sure to register to save your spot.

Discussion Led By

Bil Harmer
CISO, SecureAuth

Paul Calatayud
CSO, Palo Alto Networks

Peter Rucys
CISO, Tampa General Hospital

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