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SecureAuth Identity Store

A Cloud-based Privacy First User Directory

User Identity Lifecycle Management Solved

Deliver the experience users expect and confidently protect data and privacy with the power and scale of a cloud-native user directory.

Designed for developers with standard protocols, APIs, and SDKs to deliver a best-in-class developer experience.

SecureAuth Identity Store


SecureAuth Identity Store is a privacy-driven lightweight cloud directory from SecureAuth.

Identity Store Features

Designed for Privacy

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Controls

SecureAuth Identity Store helps you protect identity data and comply with government regulations and privacy protection acts and laws such as the European GDPR and California CCPA / CPRA. Specify which user attributes are considered PII and how they are managed.

Compliance with Right to Erasure

Compliance with “Right to Erasure”

SecureAuth Identity Store provides built-in “Right to Be Forgotten” controls, letting your users to simply terminate their account and delete associated data. 

Privacy integrated into user lifecycle

Privacy integrated into user lifecycle

Set expiration dates for user accounts, group memberships and privilege usage to further limit the risks of privacy exposure.

User Management

Comprehensive User Management

User lifecycle management, designed for users, made easy for developers.

User Staging

User Staging

Stage users, groups or even privileges. You can set future dates for user to be enabled or deleted. This ability extends to privileges, allowing you to set expirations for group memberships.  

Complete User Profile

Complete user profile

Store any user profile data you need, including profile pictures. Let developers access user profile data through API. Define allowed scope of profile data for each application.

User Event Analytics

User Event Analytics

SecureAuth Identity Store captures each user event and lets you monitor and analyze granular changes in user profiles and to patterns in user management.

Designed for Scale

Support 1K or 1M Identities


SecureAuth Identity Store can scale up to support millions of identities. In one identity store or segmented into many. (In one geo or in many.)

High performance APIs come standard so if you have a sign up or sign in activity peak, SecureAuth Identity Store will respond.
Multiple SecureAuth Identity Store
Create multiple SecureAuth Identity Store tenants to segment your identities based on company goals and B2E or CIAM objectives.
Designed for Security

Granular delegated administration

SecureAuth Identity Store lets you control the aspects and risks associated with user identity management – so you know who and what actions they can perform. SecureAuth Identity Store ships with a granular time-based least-privilege model for delegated administration, privilege expiration, and future expiration dates.

Weak Password Prevention

Identity Security Platform Adaptive Authentication
SecureAuth Identity Store allows you to prevent weak passwords. You can create Deny lists of weak or prohibited passwords or even import lists of breached credentials to safeguard user identities.

Extended identity governance

Identity Security Platform Passwordless Authentication
SecureAuth Identity Store is a key of component of your IGA strategy. Comply with regulatory and data privacy requirements of SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, etc. The built-in JIT user provisioning gives you an up-to-date single source of truth for all non-core workforce identities.

Behind the Scenes

User lifecycle management for non-core workforce identities. Designed for developers, with scaling and high performance in mind.

Developer API

Developer API

Developers can use RESTful APIs for managing users, groups, password policie, deny lists, and events.


Data isolation design

Architected with data isolation for each tenant, each identity store is distinct and can run in its own geo location.

Extensible user schema

Extensible user schema

Extend user records with additional fields, from a Boolean value to a field that holds a JSON file.

Inbound user provisioning via SCIM

Inbound user provisioning via SCIM

Developers can use a SCIM 2.0 REST API or SCIM 2.0 protocol for inbound user provisioning from any 3rd party app.

User data in right geo

User data in the right geo

Performance and privacy matters so host the identity data where it meets your privacy requirements (NA/EU).

100 ms

Average response time

Even with multiple security checks on each request, we strive to provide low latency, high volume API.



SecureAuth cloud infrastructure is architected to maintain high uptime.


AWS Regions

SecureAuth Identity Store is available in key AWS regions around the globe: North America and Europe.


SecureAuth Identity Store is an identity management component of SecureAuth and can run standalone or integrated with SecureAuth access management. We offer competitive pricing for workforce use cases as well as customer use cases.



Per user annually
Starts at 500 users


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Min. 1000 Users

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Auth Architecture

Auth Architecture

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