SecureAuth Named Leader for Product and Innovation by KuppingerCole

KuppingerCole names SecureAuth as Leader for Product and Innovation in Adaptive Authentication

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SecureAuth is named Leader for its secure and innovative solutions that are both modern and flexible as they implement rapidly, scale effortlessly, and adapt to each customer’s unique needs and infrastructure.

What does KuppingerCole Say About SecureAuth?

"As a pure play adaptive authentication product, SecureAuth is one of the most compelling choices. Their broad support of innovative MFA, federation, and directory options is outstanding. Wide support of IAM standards allows interoperability with many other vendors’ products.”

– John Tolbert, Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole

Adaptive Authentication is the answer to both better security and user experience

As organizations seek to both improve the security and user experience around identity access management, Adaptive Authentication has become an increasingly popular mechanism. Beyond Multi-factor Authentication, Adaptive Authentication provides context and risk analysis without users knowing and can allow access without an MFA step, require an MFA step, deny or redirect the request all based on the riskiness of a particular user access request.

Adaptive Authentication Benefits:

  • Multiple layered risk checks improve the ability to determine identities with confidence
  • Low risk users can gain access without an MFA disruption
  • High fidelity data from multiple risk checks can accelerate infiltration detection and incident response

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SecureAuth’s solutions deliver an incredible array of industry-leading (and often industry-only) capabilities for Adaptive Authentication, Single Sign-On (SSO) and User Self-Service. 


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