SecureAuth Labs Information Security Publications

Below is an index of publications, presentations and papers authored by members of the SecureAuth Labs research team. Click on any title to get more information and access the publication on the SecureAuth Labs extranet site

Date Description Authors Venue / Publication
04/21/2018 Implementando Meltdown y Spectre (Implementing Meltdown and Spectre) Josué Rojas OWASP Latam Tour Mexico
03/14/2018 Hunting crypto secrets in SAP systems Martin Gallo Troopers
03/22/2017 Intercepting SAP SNC-protected traffic Martin Gallo Troopers
10/31/2016 Abusing GDI for ring0 exploit primitives: Reloaded Nicolas Economou, Diego Juarez Ekoparty
10/31/2016 Getting fun with Frida Nahuel Cayetano Riva Ekoparty
10/21/2016 Adventures in Embedded Device Exploration and Exploitation Bobby Kuzma InfoSeCon 2016
10/21/2016 Vulnerability Hunting in Access control devices Bobby Kuzma InfoSeCon 2016
08/10/2016 Towards Measuring and Mitigating Social Engineering Malware Downloads Terry Nelms, Roberto Perdisci, Manos Antonakakis and Mustaque Ahamad In Proceedings of the 25th USENIX Security Symposium
05/18/2016 Introducción a la ingeniería reversa de sistemas embebidos Joaquín Rodriguez Varela VI International Congress of Industrial Cybersecurity
03/17/2016 Getting Physical: Extreme abuse of Intel based Paging Systems Nicolas Economou, Enrique Nissim CanSecWest
03/16/2016 Deep-dive into SAP archive file formats Martin Gallo Troopers
11/13/2015 Exploiting Adobe Flash Player in the Era of Control Flow Guard Francisco Falcon Black Hat Europe 2015
10/23/2015 Abusing GDI for ring0 exploit primitives Diego Juarez Ekoparty
10/23/2015 Windows SMEP bypass: U=S Nicolas Economou, Enrique Nissim Ekoparty
08/08/2015 802.11 Massive Monitoring Andrés Blanco, Andrés Gazzoli DEF CON 23