SecureAuth Labs Information Security Publications

Below is an index of publications, presentations and papers authored by members of the SecureAuth Labs research team. Click on any title to get more information and access the publication on the SecureAuth Labs extranet site

Date Description Authors Venue / Publication
10/31/2014 2 threads, 1 app (Inyección en Dalvik VM) Martin Balao, Martin Fernandez Ekoparty
09/16/2010 2x1 Microsoft Bugs: Virtual PC hyper-hole-visor' + 'Windows Creation Vulnerability (MS10-048) Nicolas Economou Ekoparty 2010
08/08/2015 802.11 Massive Monitoring Andrés Blanco, Andrés Gazzoli DEF CON 23
08/13/2007 A dynamic technique for enhancing the security and privacy of web applications Futoransky, Ariel; Gutesman, Ezequiel; Waissbein, Ariel. Black Hat USA 2007 
08/01/2000 A Non Euclidean Ring Data Scrambler (NERDS) Emiliano Kargieman, Ariel Pacetti and Ariel Waissbein Unpublished. The scheme was presented at the rump session in Crypto '00.
04/23/2008 A Penetration Testing Learning Kit Ariel Waissbein Troopers08, April 23-24, 2008. Munich, Germany
12/03/2002 About Exploits Writing, Gerardo Richarte Gerardo Richarte G-CON 1, ITESM Campus Estado de Mexico, Mexico
10/23/2015 Abusing GDI for ring0 exploit primitives Diego Juarez Ekoparty
10/31/2016 Abusing GDI for ring0 exploit primitives: Reloaded Nicolas Economou, Diego Juarez Ekoparty
09/20/2011 Abusing the Windows WiFi native API to create a Covert Channel Andres Blanco, Ezequiel Gutesman 2011
01/27/2003 Advanced Software Protection Now Diego Bendersky, Ariel Futoransky, Luciano Notarfrancesco, Carlos Sarraute and Ariel Waissbein. CoreLabs Technical Report (arXiv:1006.2356)
11/01/2008 Advances in Automated Attack Planning Alejandro David Weil and Carlos Sarraute PacSec Conference, Tokyo, Japan
10/21/2016 Adventures in Embedded Device Exploration and Exploitation Bobby Kuzma InfoSeCon 2016
10/30/2014 Agafi (Advanced Gadget Finder) Nicolás Economou Ekoparty
11/29/2007 Agent Oriented SQL Abuse Fernando Russ, Diego Tiscornia Pacsec '07, Nov 2007. Tokyo, Japan