SecureAuth Labs Information Security Publications

Below is an index of publications, presentations and papers authored by members of the SecureAuth Labs research team. Click on any title to get more information and access the publication on the SecureAuth Labs extranet site

Date Description Authors Venue / Publication
07/27/2009 Systematic XSS exploitation Aureliano Calvo Corelabs Technical Report
06/22/2009 Risk assessment tactics optimizing efficiency and threat-space coverage Ariel Waissbein (presented by Fred Pinkett) Annual Computer Network Defense Research and Technology Workshop
03/23/2009 Faceted Ranking in Collaborative Tagging Systems Pablo Fierens, Jose Ignacio Alvarez-Hamelin, Jose Orlicki WEBIST 2009 - International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies
03/19/2009 Persistent BIOS Infection Anibal Sacco and Alfredo Ortega CanSecWest Vancouver, BC, Canada
03/02/2009 Simulating Cyber-Attacks for Fun and Profit Ariel Futoransky, Fernando Miranda, Jose Orlicki and Carlos Sarraute SIMUTools 2009 - 2nd International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques
01/01/2009 Deformation Techniques for Sparse Systems Gabriela Jeronimo, Guillermo Matera, Pablo Solerno and Ariel Waissbein In Foundations of Computational Mathematics, Volume 9 , Issue 1 (January 2009)
12/08/2008 McBoost: Boosting Scalability in Malware Collection and Analysis Using Statistical Classification of Executables Roberto Perdisci, Andrea Lanzi and Wenke Lee Computer Security Applications Conference
11/01/2008 Advances in Automated Attack Planning Alejandro David Weil and Carlos Sarraute PacSec Conference, Tokyo, Japan
10/27/2008 Ether: Malware Analysis via Hardware Virtualization Extensions Artem Dinaburg, Paul Royal, Monirul Sharif and Wenke Lee 15th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security
10/22/2008 gFuzz: An Instrumented Web Application Fuzzing Environment Ezequiel Gutesman Hack.Lu 2008, Luxembourg
10/02/2008 Code injection in virtual machines Nicolas Economou Ekoparty '08
10/01/2008 Pass-the-Hash Toolkit for Windows Hernan Ochoa HITB SECONF 2008 and Buenos Aires Conference (Ba-Con '08)
09/30/2008 LeakedOut: the Social Networks You Get Caught In Jose Orlicki BaCon (Buenos Aires Conference) '08
09/26/2008 Your risk is not what it used to be Ariel Waissbein ToorCon X, September 26-28, 2008. San Diego, CA, USA
08/25/2008 Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure: The viewpoint of an IT security research and IT security software vendor (1996-2008) Iván Arce Process Control Systems Security Forum, PCSF 2008