SecureAuth Mobile SDK

Build MFA into your own mobile app

SecureAuth Mobile SDK - Customizable MFA for branded consumer-facing and employee-facing iOS and Android apps

Delight Your Customers

Mobile Authentication SDK lets you add branded MFA experience into your own mobile app.

Integrate Quickly

SecureAuth Authentication SDK integrates easily into your cloud web and mobile app infrastructure.

SecureAuth Mobile Auth SDK

Scalable push authentication platform

White-label SecureAuth Mobile Authentication SDK integrates with existing CIAM or B2E infrastructure for your web and mobile app.

SecureAuth Mobile Authentication SDK

Embed push authentication into your app

White-label SecureAuth Mobile Auth SDK embedded in a branded customer-facing mobile app, showing push authentication notification (ADT Security Services).

Online Mode with Auth SDK

  • Provides push notifications to assert authentication
  • Provides Symbol-to-Accept as an additional level of security

Offline Mode with Auth SDK

  • Generates 6-digit TOTP (60s) so that a user can login even when their smartphone is in airplane mode.

SDK Provisioning

Allows silent in-app configuration without any special user enrollment

User Authorization

Available with optional PIN protection, biometrics authentication and Face ID security


EN/ES options for API responses with lang code specified in API


Runs on global AWS infrastructure to guarantee fast response times on 4G/5G mobile networks

Mobile SDK Updates

RESTful API endpoints, API versioning with strict EOL, and quarterly updates

Smartphone Platforms

Mobile SDK is available for iOS ver. 12/13 (Swift) and Android ver. 9/10 (Kotlin)

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