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Solution Brief

SecureAuth + Citrix

Passwordless VDI Authentication for Standard and Non-Persistent VDIs

SecureAuth + Citrix

The Challenge

One of the most pressing challenges in today’s business landscape is ensuring the security and accessibility of non-persistent Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDIs). The unique complexity stems from the continual deletion and recreation of VDIs, a process driven by a golden image. In this ever-changing environment, traditional methods reliant on persistent keys and certificates for secure pairing fall short. Addressing this challenge is crucial, as it requires an innovative solution capable of adapting to this dynamic landscape and providing secure access without the dependency on persistent keys or certificates.

The Solution

To address the challenge of securing non-persistent Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDIs), SecureAuth has partnered with Citrix to deliver an innovative solution. Our integration offers passwordless access ensuring a secure, streamlined login process. It provides comprehensive support for Citrix, including ADC, Virtual Apps & Desktops, and FAS, covering your Citrix environment entirely. A standout feature is Device Trust for non-persistent VDIs, eliminating the need for device pairing and enabling secure, hassle-free VDI access without relying on persistent keys or certificates.

Solution Highlights

  • Arculix enables passwordless access to management consoles like Citrix Storefront using SAML/OIDC integration and as a credential provider to access
  • Seamless Integration with Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC), Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops, and Citrix Federated Authentication Service (FAS)
  • User-Centric design prioritizes users experience by offering a secure, passwordless login process, and a more efficient workflow on bootup, login, and lock screens
  • SecureAuth’s Device Trust credential provider securely enables passwordless login to re-built (non-persistent) virtual desktops without requiring a device pairing flow
  • Available on Citrix Marketplace

Security Benefits of SecureAuth + Citrix

Passwordless VDI Login

Virtual smart card certificates or the Windows KSP (Key Storage Provider) is used to login without prompting for passwords

VDI Lock Screen

When a user locks the VDI, SecureAuth Device Trust acts as the credential provider for a passwordless MFA flow during the unlock process

Device Trust for Non-Persistent VDIs

Arculix Device Trust eliminates the need for device pairing and empowers users to passwordlessly login into deleted or wiped VDIs, boosting security and user satisfaction.

Citrix + Arculix
  1. User goes to Citrix to access StoreFront
  2. User is redirected to Arculix for Passwordless Continuous Authentication
  3. After successful Authentication, User is redirected to Storefront
  4. After successful Authentication, User is redirected to Storefront
  5. User launches VDI with Device Trust
  6. Device Trust enforces phishing resistant MFA as per policy

SecureAuth + Citrix

Discover a seamless blend of security and user accessibility with SecureAuth Arculix and Citrix. Featuring frictionless, passwordless access, combined with robust support for Citrix’s ADC, Virtual Apps & Desktops, and FAS, our integration optimizes efficiency and security. Redefine access management in your Citrix environment with the perfect synergy of SecureAuth Arculix + Citrix Integration.


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