Strike the Balance with Secure Single Sign-On

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SSO Portal – End-user view

(2:30 mins)

• Clean simple layout customizable with your branding
• Support apps via federation and those that do not support federation (8000+ apps supported)
• Easy and convenient one-click access to applications

SSO Portal – Administrator view

(3:02 mins)

• Directory set-up (authenticate and sync)
• User group configuration
• Group and user auto provisioning and de-provisioning

Adding Applications – Administrator view

(5:21 mins)

• Multiple methods to sign-in
• SAML, OATH, OpenID Connect, form-fill, and more supported
• Individual & shared accounts
• Secure form-fill – a better security model

Multi-factor and Adaptive Authentication

(4:02 mins)

• Select from multiple MFA methods
• Configure when users are prompted for MFA
• Build authentication policies from risk-based checks (adaptive authentication)
• Configure which users and groups policies applies to

End User Password Management

(4:36 mins)

• Add personal apps and websites – convenience for users, reduced risk for organization
• Vault other information (WiFi passwords, Credit card info, etc…)
• Complex password generator

Dashboard and Reporting Insights

(3:19 mins)

  • User Security – password strength
  • Application usage
  • Multiple reports available