Intelligent role-based access control

Better visualize relationships between users and access

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A smarter role-based access control (RBAC) program delivers improved compliance, more efficient provisioning, and increased security for any organization.

SecureAuth Role Management brings an innovative, new approach to role mining and design. By taking a visualization-first approach, managers are empowered to make intelligent decisions about which entitlements should be included in a role, and to whom they should be assigned.

Logical groupings of users and entitlements are visualized and displayed in Role Management, providing the intelligence, power, and control that is required to create roles that accurately reflect user needs.


Make intelligent decisions

Visualize users and their access so you can effectively build user roles, granting the most appropriate access and reducing risk.


Access immediately

SecureAuth Role Management leverages predefined roles based on common user profiles, so you can provision users faster.


Build support for all

Build access roles that include entitlements for all systems – including legacy and home-grown – reducing operating costs, speeding time to access, and eliminating unnecessary provisioning solutions.


Start designing today

SecureAuth Role Management works with existing provisioning and governance solutions and does not require any professional services, so you can start designing intelligent roles instantly and improve your access security immediately.



Learn more about our innovative visualization-first approach to designing intelligent access roles.



See how SecureAuth Role Management can deepen your understanding of the access roles in your organization



See Role Management in action and gain a better understanding of user roles and entitlements with a visual-first approach to role creation and certification.

Better visualize relationships between users & access