SecureAuth IdP

Determine Identities with Confidence

Multiple layers of defense act like a bulletproof vest.

Adaptive Authentication

Multi-Layered Defense

Adaptive Authentication acts like layers in a bulletproof vest — analyzing multiple factors to confidently determine the legitimacy of every login, thwart attacks in-process, and keep your valuable resources and data safe.



Device Recognition

Ensures the device being used is known and recognizable

Threat Service

Analyzes IP addresses of incoming access requests for known bad IPs and malicious behavior

Directory Lookup

Compares identity profiles with standard practices to thwart fake profiles from being used


Compares a user's login location against known locations for employees, partners and customers


Keeps an eye out for access requests spanning different locations that aren't physically possible


Treat access requests coming from within and outside a customer-defined geographic barrier differently

Phone Number Fraud Prevention

Block access requests from ported phones, carriers, and phone types (e.g. Mobile, Landline, VoIP, etc.)

Behavioral Biometrics

Thwarts attacks by using user keystrokes and mouse movements for a unique behavioral signature

Identity Governance

Identify users with high-risk access rights and adapt authentication to protect this vulnerability

User & Entity Behavior Analytics

Treat access requests differently when user behavior strays from the normal

Multi-Factor Authentication

Step up to secure

With 25+ authentication methods ranging from SMS to telephony to email to push notification and more, SecureAuth adapts to your preferences and provides maximum choice. What’s more, IdP's Multi-Factor Authentication deploys right into your infrastructure, tying to your enterprise directories, web servers, VPNs, even your homegrown applications.

Unlike many other vendors, our platform is flexible enough to create an infinite number of different authentication workflows for different users, groups, devices or applications — because not all identities are the same. 


Single Sign-On (SSO)

One Password, Infinite Access

SecureAuth IdP streamlines secure access into all applications and resources with one set of credentials; regardless of cloud, mobile, web or VPN resources. We enable any device with any identity type to authenticate to any identity store using any VPN to access any application — offering unparalleled choice and flexibility. And unlike other vendors, SecureAuth puts strong adaptive authentication in front of SSO across all applications (on-premises, cloud, mobile and homegrown) to ensure maximum protection without compromising the user experience.


User Self-Service

Increase productivity, decrease the IT burden

SecureAuth IdP enables users to securely reset their own passwords and unlock their own accounts, as well as enroll devices at any time without assistance. The process takes less than a minute, ensuring high productivity while slashing overhead costs. Stop tying up Help Desk resources so they can focus on more productive things, and make your users happier in the process. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Choose authentication and SSO solutions that provide robust support for risk-based adaptive access. Look for vendors that not only support the evaluation of basic context attributes such as time and geolocation, but also identity analytics insights that provide historical context. Adaptive access engines should have APIs that can accommodate input from multiple analytics sources both inside and outside the organization.

2017 Planning Guide for Identity and Access Management, Mark Didoati, et al
October 2016

Benefits of SecureAuth IdP

Explore the business benefits of enterprise-grade security for all levels of your organization


Multi-layers of pre-authenticated protection act like a bulletproof vest


25+ methods of multi-factor authentication


Standards-based interoperability enables rapid connectivity to existing systems

Behavioral Biometrics

Provides a user behavioral signature – nearly impossible to replicate

Frictionless User Experience

Non-disruptive to your user's day-to-day work routines

Infinite Workflows

User-assigned workflows for multiple audiences and access levels

SecureAuth IdP Solution Brief

SecureAuth IdP provides adaptive access control, empowering organizations to determine identities with confidence.

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Behavioral Biometrics

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Threat Service Infographic

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