Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication allows you to protect user access in a modern and simple way.

How Multi-Factor Authentication Improves Identity Security


From CISOs at many organizations to well-known research analysts on security to the government of the United States – nearly everyone recommends multi-factor authentication

Don’t Let Old School Authentication Chain You to the Past

Passwords and user names alone are no longer effective by themselves. They are no longer enough to protect your critical resources and data. It takes more to maintain security in today’s increasingly complicated security environment. Multi-factor authentication from SecureAuth IdP allows you to take something a user knows – username and password – and combine it with something that the user has – phone, email, device, etc. – to ensure that access is granted securely and appropriately. IdP can even leverage existing 3rd party hard tokens, although most customers use IdP to phase out expensive and administration-intensive hard tokens. And for companies ready to go password-less altogether, IdP offers a pain-free and risk-free way to get you there in a matter of hours.

Strong Authentication Protection That Adapts To You

As your Identity provider, SecureAuth IdP obtains identity credentials for every attempted access, verifies the identity against a known data store and then serves up the identity details to service providers or applications in an agreed upon format. Regardless of the application platform, IdP puts control of the identity verification process in your hands. Our 25+ authentication methods range from SMS, telephony, and email one-time passcodes (OTPs) to push notifications, USB keys, and push-to-accept, just to name a few. With SecureAuth, you never have to compromise security standards for user experience – we enable both.

SMS OTP Common Access Card (CAC) Mac OS X OATH Token Password
Telephony OTP PIV Card (PIV-C) Device Recognition Social IDs
Email OTP Push Notification Yubikey (USB) Federated IDs
Static PIN iOS OATH Token Google Authenticator Kerberos/IWA
KBA/KBQ Android OATH Token Symantec VIP Help Desk
X.509 Native Windows OATH Token Push-to-Accept* Cookie
X.509 Java 3rd-Party OATH Token SecureAuth


*Push-to-Accept can be easily be bypassed by attackers. Learn how Symbol-to-Accept is more secure.

Infinitely Adaptable Workflows Made Easy

Not all users are created equally. Different users, business partners and customers need different access rights across your various resources. Those with access to more sensitive information and applications present greater risk to the organization. SecureAuth IdP provides the unique flexibility to build an infinite number of adaptive authentication workflows and risk conditions for those with more sensitive access versus those with less sensitive access. We can customize at the user, group, device, or application level depending on your organizational and security policies. Unlike most other vendors that allow only one or two unique workflows, with SecureAuth you can choose to have users directed to additional methods of authentication to step up or even step down access control security as warranted on any device - mobile or desktop. These custom workflows can easily be configured by your in-house administrators without requiring coding or third-party tools – it truly is pain-free.

SecureAuth Plays Well with Others

Chances are, you already have some form of access control in place, but you’re probably looking to fill gaps in your security model. SecureAuth builds our solutions using industry leading and standards-based technologies. This means SecureAuth IdP fits right into your infrastructure, tying to your enterprise directories, applications, web servers, and VPNs while utilizing the same IDs, profile information and policies you use today. We make what you have better.


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    The Power to Go Password-less

    The power and flexibility of allowing you to choose authentication by factor type and situation gives you the power to break out of old school authentication and get beyond the password once and for all.

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    More Methods for Authentication

    25+ multi-factor options give you maximum choice and control, while making sure security stays invisible or minimal to users.

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    Automatic Workflows with Ease

    Step up (or even step down) security based on infinitely customizable yet highly intuitive workflows based on users and groups.

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    Pain-free Integration

    Standards-based approach ensures you are able to tie into what you already have and make everything stronger and better.


  • Improved Protection

    Multi-factor authentication with unlimited, customizable adaptive workflows ensure maximum security. 

  • Improved User Experience

    Unparalleled protection that doesn’t get in the way of user experience.

  • Reduced Costs

    Pain-free implementation and intuitive customization of adaptive workflows reduce on-going costs.


Yes, passwordlesss is possible today. We'll show you how. 



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