Single Sign-On (SSO)

Streamline access without compromising security

Up to 80% of breaches involve attackers using stolen user credentials.

Single Sign-On Alone Is Not A Panacea for Identity Protection

Seems like just about every other day, a new company offers a Single Sign-On authentication tool. SSO is in demand and provides better user experiences by enabling people to provide credentials once and access many applications and systems. While SSO delivers many economic benefits such as productivity improvement, user satisfaction, and reduced complexity, most companies overestimate the level of security SSO provides. Without strong authentication capabilities in front, SSO actually creates identity risk by becoming a single point of failure, which is why compromised user credentials is a new preferred attack vector for cyberattacks.

SecureAuth IdP Single Sign-On: Smarter By Design

As the leader in Adaptive Authentication solutions, SecureAuth knows identity security. Our intelligent, flexible Single Sign-On solution places strong authentication in front of centralized access to vigilantly ensure that every identity used to gain access to systems and apps is properly determined and protected with confidence. SecureAuth IdP Single Sign-On Authentication then streamlines secure access into all applications and resources with one set of credentials, no matter if they are cloud, mobile, web or VPN resources. The result is a clean experience without tedious login procedures and high friction workflows, keeping your employees, business partners, and customers happy.

Easily Augment Your Existing Security Investments

We build our solutions using industry standards and support the widest breadth of varying technology so SecureAuth IdP can easily integrate into your environment, providing you the ability to have a consistent and centralized Adaptive Access Control solution across your diverse application landscape.

Users can move easily between web applications and then over to cloud and mobile apps without needing individual logins or separate passwords. With SecureAuth, everyone can continue to use all the applications they already know and love, but in a significantly streamlined way. And if ever there is suspicious activity, SecureAuth steps up security automatically and increases protection.


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    Built from the Identity Up

    The leader in Adaptive Authentication is the only company that does not force a compromise between security and user experience – we ensure the best of both in a way no other SSO vendor can match.

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    Any, Any Any

    We allow any device, with any identity type to authenticate to any identity store using any VPN to access any application – unparalleled choice and flexibility. With so many platforms and devices in your environment today, SecureAuth IdP is virtually resource agnostic.

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    Easy to Install and Manage

    All functions and features of SecureAuth IdP are exceptionally easy to manage because it is all accomplished from the same console. Administrators can effortlessly navigate through an already-coded GUI where preferences are made through drop-downs and wizards.

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    Complete Control That Adapts to You

    Settings – by specific users, groups, apps, or devices – can be enabled, edited, or removed for any facet quickly without third-party assistance. Use all, some or none by situation and at your discretion – you’re in control.

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    Handle Revocations Without All The Headaches

    SecureAuth IdP SSO makes revoking access for users and devices hassle-free as well. If an employee leaves the company or if a device is compromised, administrators can quickly and comprehensively disable access with just one action.


  • Speed to Business Impact – Easily and rapidly integrate with existing infrastructure because of our large library of supported technologies and pervasive use of standards.

  • Improved User Experience – Sign in once and access every connected app or system; comprehensive solution that does not get in the way of unparalleled user experience.

  • Reduced Costs – Seamless, standards-based integrations, simplified administration and accelerated provisioning/de-provisioning reduce on-going support costs and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

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