User Self-Service

User Self-Service

Help Users Help Themselves.

Reduce Help Desk call volume 30-60% with use of self-service tools

Better Service Begins With Self-Service

Now more than ever, users demand immediacy. Waiting for the Help Desk to change lost/forgotten passwords, unlock accounts, enroll them as new users, and provision access is no longer accepted and can have a double negative result. Not only does this tie-up valuable support staff with menial tasks, it frustrates the users who have to sit idle until the Help Desk can address the issue. In some cases, that can even mean lost business if the user decides to go elsewhere instead of dealing with the hassle. Can you really afford to continue to damage user experience when a better answer is available and so easy to use?

Putting Users in Control Without Losing Control

The goal is to keep users productive and Help Desk costs down. Additionally, SecureAuth IdP enables security administrators to easily and instantly revoke a user’s authentication or device registration to ensure security no matter the circumstance. Users are able to help themselves while administrators remain firmly in control.

SecureAuth IdP has several self-service features designed with users in mind:

  • IdP allows users to reset passwords without involving the Help Desk

  • IdP enables users to unlock their own accounts

  • IdP permits self-enrollment of devices and tokens

  • IdP facilitates provisioning by enabling users to add their own information like telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, knowledge-based questions/answers, and more.

Enabling self-service reduces user friction and time, increasing productivity AND can significantly reduce Help Desk calls, a Win-Win for all.

Self-Service By The Numbers

Here’s a real life example showing the impact of reducing Support calls. This particular customer‘s Help Desk supports approximately 10,000 users –

  • On average, each of those 10,000 users call the Help Desk once a month for a call volume of 120,000 calls per year

  • 40% of the calls fielded by the Help Desk were for password resets and account unlocking, roughly 48,000 calls per year

  • The customer estimated that each call costs them $35, for a soft savings of $1,680,000 from the use of self-service tools.

  • This company justified their purchase of IdP on this savings alone and were able to get strong authentication and Single Sign-On, in addition to the self-service tools.


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    Critical Self-Service Functionality

    SecureAuth’s User Self-Service solution enables users to address common issues all by themselves – password resets, account unlocking, self-enrollment (device and tokens), provisioning, profile updates and more.

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    Rapid Implementation

    SecureAuth’s User Self-Service functionality deploys in a matter of hours.

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    Integrated Component of a Comprehensive Identity Solution

    Unlike most other multi-factor authentication or SSO providers, SecureAuth IdP offers User Self-Service as a fully integrated offering inside our single Adaptive Access Control product.

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    Instantaneous Revocation

    Administrators can easily and instantly revoke a user or a device, ensuring that they remain in control


  • Reduce Friction and User Frustration.

    Increase satisfaction and good will by enabling users instead of forcing them to call the Help Desk.

  • Reduce Help Desk Costs and Volume.

    Use self-service to radically decrease the number of calls to the Help Desk and dramatically reduce the average per incident cost.

  • Increase Support Productivity.

    Get more out of valuable Support resources by keeping them focused on real problems instead of dealing with trivial requests.

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