SecureAuth IdP Adaptive Access Control

How does modern adaptive authentication control work? Watch our intro video and learn more how to prevent the misuse of credentials with SecureAuth + Core Security adaptive multi-factor authentication.


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Fireside Chat: Stephen Newman and Joseph Blankenship


Stephen Newman, SVP of Products at SecureAuth + Core Security, had the opportunity to sit down with Joseph Blankenship, Senior Analyst from Forrester, and discuss various security topics.

In this fireside chat, you will hear their take on:

Video: Passwordless Authentication in 10 Seconds

SecureAuth passwordless authentication is more secure than single or second-factor authentication and doesn’t get in the way of users trying to do their jobs. Watch Matt go passwordless in less than 10 seconds, then learn SecureAuth is making passwordless possible today: 

Seattle Cancer Care


Seattle Cancer Care Alliance enhances both patient care and security with Adaptive Authentication from SecureAuth. Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) is a world-class cancer treatment and research center that combines the power of science with the power of collaboration. Like many organizations today, SCCA needed to enable secure remote access to its systems and data — without unnecessarily burdening on-premises users with additional authentication steps

City of New Orleans


The City of New Orleans as a diversified government agency needed a flexible solution and partner with competency across multiple-verticals. SecureAuth was able to provide that flexibility and comply to regulations for CJIS for public safety and HIPAA for health and hospitals all while providing a more secure and seamless user experience.

ESCO + SecureAuth


ESCO, a billion-dollar manufacturing company, while moving up to Office 365 needed to secure data once in the cloud. While already having a SecureAuth installation, ESCO felt SecureAuth was the best fit to address user experience, performance, as well as security of data. Providing a single sign-on process with mobile app functionality, SecureAuth is preventing the misuse of stolen credentials. 

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