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Importance of Adaptive Authentication in Financial Services

Adaptive Authentication Financial Services

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, the banking/credit/financial sector accounted for 100,621,770 of exposed sensitive records in 2019 representing 61% of the total. Hacking was responsible for 81% of non-sensitive records (i.e. passwords, usernames) exposed and was accountable for the highest percentage of data breaches – 39%.

A first step in security for financial organizations and their customers is authentication. Utilizing an authentication process which is secure and provides an excellent customer experience is essential to maintain trust and customer goodwill.

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  • Why passwords are no longer enough to thwart bad actors

  • Why two factor authentication is a good step towards to better security

  • How adaptive authentication provides improved identity security

  • Why strong security and a good user experience is crucial to on-going success

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