Nearly every organization is looking to use technology that enhances their business. Improving customer engagement and business delivery are often top priorities. Successfully implementing customer identity management is the primary building block for these digital business initiatives because it helps attract, win and retain customers.

Top among the challenges of implementing a successful customer identity management program is the need to bring business and security teams together to effectively deliver – and even improve – an exceptional customer experience that also satisfies security requirements to protect both the customer and the business. The needs of both teams must be met, without compromise.

When tackling digital transformation and customer identity projects, business and security teams are seeking a solution that can deliver strong authentication alongside exceptional user experience, while meeting the diverse needs of all identities and use cases.

Seamless, secure experience from mobile to desktop
Protect Customers & Brand

Key Benefits

  • Drive customer adoption – custom build experiences that meet the usability and security needs of your customers
  • Increase customer engagement – meet customer needs for choice as well as selfservice to keep them in control of their experience and their data
  • Reduce fraud and breachrelated activity – adaptive authentication risk checks analyze multiple factors of each authentication request to determine the risk of the identity.
  • Protect customer identities and the business – deliver the right access control with nearly 30 MFA methods and the most adaptive risk checks available

Enable seamless digital experiences

Customer identity management is the foundation of any digital transformation project. Securing the identities that connect to your business enables velocity in achieving your digitization goals. To deliver unified and engaging customer experiences across your digital properties, you must implement customer identity that delivers the flexibility to meet customer needs for choice, such as biometric factors, as well as self-service to keep customers in control of their experience and their data. You also need assurance that these interactions will be secure and build customer confidence by offering fraud and breach protection that keep your customers safe, without disrupting their user experience.

The Solution

The SecureAuth® Identity Platform is the solution that enables organizations to achieve digital transformation goals without compromising either security or customer experience. Built with a focus on the identity, the platform delivers multi-factor authentication, adaptive authentication risk checks, single sign-on and user self-service to enable engaging customer experiences that are consistent and secure across all channels and applications.

“Detecting fraud in today’s threat landscape requires more than simple authentication.”

​Deliver secure customer engagement

Every organization must deliver a seamless customer registration and authentication experience for their digital properties and keeping that experience safe without inconveniencing customers is a challenge. You should not have to balance user experience and strong security to achieve your goals. With the SecureAuth Identity Platform, you can have both, without compromise.

Detecting fraud, protecting high-risk/high-value accounts and safeguarding customer identities in today’s threat landscape requires more than simple authentication. Our platform delivers the most adaptive authentication risk checks on the market today. Fueled by cloud driven identity intelligence, these risk checks analyze multiple factors of each authentication request to determine the legitimacy of every login attempt.

​Cloud Delivered Intelligence

The SecureAuth® Intelligent Identity Cloud delivers security, user experience, analytics, administration and extensibility functionality out of the box that enables highly-flexible and highly-secure experiences for every identity. Our cloudbased analytics and administration employ a big-data approach to delivering the identity intelligence required to ensure strong security and maximum usability for all your identities. With this data in hand, you can apply security friction at just the right spot to build customer confidence, while thwarting attacks in process, and protecting your customers and your organization from harm.

Adaptive Authentication Identity and Access Management

Only the SecureAuth Identity Platform delivers


The most multi-factor authentication methods

With nearly 30 methods, including biometrics, the platform offers choices, enabling the customer experience while also securely addressing more uses cases.

The most adaptive authentication risk checks

Protect customer identities and your business without injecting unnecessary friction.

The most federation protocols

Deliver a consistent customer experience across your entire digital landscape, covering cloud, on-prem, and homegrown applications.

Infinite authentication workflows

Create unique workflows to meet the security and usability needs of every customer use case, driving increased engagement

Customer self-service options

Self-service or password resets, account unlocks, device enrollment and profile updates keep customers in control of their experience and their data and reduce your help desk overhead.

Deployment freedom

Construct your customer access management solution your way with deployment options for hybrid, on-prem, and cloud.

Simple administration

Globally managed configurations and policies combined with an extensive application template library to enable rapid creation and easy management of authentication experiences.

Intelligent Identity Cloud

cloud-based analytics and administration that employ a big-data approach to delivering identity intelligence that informs a broad set of adaptive authentication risk checks, ensuring strong security and maximum usability for all your identities.

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