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Single-Sign-On (SSO) for SuccessFactors

Make it easy for your users to sign into SuccessFactors without having to remember “yet another password”. Our extensive catalog of supported applications ensures you can provide a true single sign-on experience for every application you use. See the productivity savings of SSO with our on-line calculator. With both cloud and virtual appliance deployment options, SecureAuth can handle everything from a simple “single app” project to complex enterprise environments with support for multiple directory technologies, all major federation protocols (SAML, OAUTH2, OpenID Connect), flexible token transformation and more.

Strong Authentication

Deploying Single-Sign-On without enhanced authentication security puts your organization at risk;  one stolen credential can now access everything. SecureAuth’s leading Adaptive Authentication is tightly integrated with our SSO to secure your users without the inconvenience of traditional 2FA / MFA. Read more about why it’s essential for your SSO solution to do more than SSO.

SecureAuth IdP (On Premises) SecureAuth Cloud Access (IDaaS)
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