Video: Conducting Multi-Vector Pivots with Core Impact


Attackers use more than one vector to get to your data – so why do you only test one? 

Impact enables you to pivot from one vector to another in a way that makes the process as easy and intuitive as possible. This dramatically improves your capabilities and efficiency in a penetration test. 

The ability to accurately determine how a weakness in one vector can be leveraged to provide an attacker with access to another is essential to performing a detailed pen-test. For example, when you exploit a weakness in a web application, being able to understand if it can be leveraged to gain access to the network is necessary information to understand if this is another way that an attacker could get in.

Having this information then allows you to better rank weaknesses for prioritization and helps the patching team know where all of the holes are. Impact also enables you to highlight and train employees on how they can be exploited to gain access to the network. Looking to get the job done quick and efficiently? Impact can do that for you.