Video: Encrypt and Authenticate Agent Communications


Perform better pen-tests without fear of being compromised

Did you know that all communication between Impact and its agents is both encrypted and authenticated?

These robust protections allow us to provide secure communications between Impact and its agents. Other solutions have a higher risk of potential attackers “breaking in” to the communications or hijacking their agents for nefarious purposes. This would be a nightmare scenario for any tester as the goal of their testing is to help keep attackers out.

With Impact, all interactions with the agents are encrypted. All agents deployed from Impact are encrypted so that they can resist being leveraged by an adversary to get access to the network. All of the communications between impact and its agents are encrypted - helping to protect the transfer of information, how you are testing systems, and any results that you get back. Finally, both the agent and the communications are authenticated, that way you can be certain that the agent you are interacting with IS a Core Impact agent.

All of this gives you a bit more peace of mind so that you can perform better, and more detailed testing without fear of being compromised.