Video: Impact is a Python Framework


Did you know that Impact is actually a framework that is built in Python?

All modules are written in Python and can be customized by each user. That’s right, every exploit and tool in Impact is customizable. You can write your own modules for things like integrations with third-party tools or modify existing ones to better suit your specific needs. This gives you a huge amount of flexibility to extend and enhance the value of investments you have already made.

Do you have a tool that you need to use during your testing? Let Impact help you write a new module so you can use it in conjunction with Impact. Do you have exploits you’ve written yourself?

Impact can help you convert them so that it can run them itself. From the very beginning, Impact was created to help expand all that a tester can do, and we continue this tradition by ensure that you are able to extend Impact in ways that are helpful for you.