Video: Intelligently Exploit Identities with Core Impact


There is a multitude of identities in any network, and chances are that you’ll come across them during your testing. From plain text passwords that some systems unfortunately still support to password hashes or tickets, Impact gives you the ability to easily find and securely store those identities. They are stored in association with the workspace in which they were found - and all workspaces are passphrase protected to help control who has access to the information.

Impact doesn’t just store these identities so you can report on which ones you found though. With Impact’s central Identity Store, it is easy to use those identities to further your testing. Impact will also attempt to automatically validate identities that it finds to ensure that they are valid and working.

A large number of Impact’s modules have the ability to leverage credentials to aid in exploitation activities and to install agents. All of these modules have direct ties to the central Identity Store so you can easily and quickly select an identity that Impact found and validated to help you gain additional access.