Video: Perform Rapid Penetration Tests


Did you know that Impact can quickly find some of the “low hanging fruit” for you?

Impact’s Rapid Penetration Testing wizards can automatically find some of the more common weaknesses while letting you choose how risky you want to be. Have Impact find some of those glaring security misconfigurations for you, that way you can spend your time on more interesting things.

Like determining if several small weaknesses can be used together to give you unfettered access to some machines. Or monitor network traffic to find information that could be useful elsewhere.

With Impact, you can choose how risky you want to be with this automatic testing. You can be less risky and exclude the running of any exploits or modules that could knock a system or service over. You can tell Impact to stop testing a host after the first exploit has successfully deployed an agent. Or, you can even choose to use all available exploits and modules and to keep testing until Impact has found everything that it possibly could. You can then leverage this information to create a fast list of big items that need to be patched, while you then dive into more detailed testing.