Video: Phishing Built for Pen Testers


Did you know that Impact has extensive phishing capabilities?

Impact’s phishing capabilities were built from the beginning with pen-testing in mind. Because of this, you can do much more than just report on who is susceptible to phishing. You can also gather additional information such as the browsers that victims are using, what plug-ins they have installed, and even some of the applications they are using. You can then use this information to plan further exploitation activities.

Now that you know the browser they use and what plug-ins they have, you can target them precisely for exploitation. This will give you a much greater chance of success. Impact’s phishing functionality is often leveraged to “trick” victims into giving you access to the network.

Once you have successfully tricked one of these victims, you can leverage that as a foothold to pivot into the network and begin testing systems directly. If you are looking for pen-testing focused phishing capabilities, Impact is the solution for you.