Video: Self-Terminating Agents


Did you know that Impact agents are configured to automatically clean themselves up at a time you set?

With Impact, you never have to worry about an agent hanging around longer than you want. Impact gives you the ability to set an expiration time when you deploy an agent. This allows you to control and minimize artifacts left by your test. Even if a target is hibernated during a test and misses the clean-up signal, Impact’s agents will see it’s past due and clean itself up.

This feature in Impact allows you to test freely, knowing that your agent won’t run indefinitely. Without this feature, you run the risk of leaving an agent in your environment that could lead to problems from an IDS system constantly generating alerts on the agent after the fact, all the way up to giving an attacker easy access to the network from finding an agent and taking control over it. You can pen-test with confidence that Impact won’t cause you to be the reason for an incident response.