Video: Streamline Reporting in Core Impact


What’s most important for you in a penetration test likely consists of being able to maneuver throughout an environment as you wish. What’s also important? Doing so without thinking about documenting every step you make. 

Impact allows you to focus on the test without having to remember every step you take – because it logs it for you. From the modules you run, the files that you upload or download, or even the commands that you run on remote hosts, Impact is automatically capturing every input and output. 

Logging inputs and outputs aren’t all you can expect. Impact has a powerful and flexible built-in reporting engine that allows you to create reports for any type of audience. Are you needing to provide a report to Chief Executives to share critical findings within your organization’s entire infrastructure? Maybe a report is needed to share with the patching team to let them know of the vulnerabilities that exist? Or even a report to go to the Audit so they can ensure everything was cleaned up following the test?

These reports are fully customizable depending on who needs what information from your test. Not to mention, the templates can be saved for future use – and future time savings.

With the pressure off you to manually record every step you take you can use the newfound time, you have back to continue to dive into testing your environments more thoroughly and more often.