Video: Validating Remediation with Core Impact


Validating that the remediation efforts following a penetration test are successful requires a re-run of that exact same penetration test. Now, the sound of duplicating work can seem daunting. Unless you have a tool that automatically records every step in order for you to re-run a test quickly and easily when needed.

Having Remediation Validation as an option allows you to have Impact automatically re-run a previous pen-test, and then give you a change report on any differences between the two. This report will tell you if the remediation and patching actions were successful, or if there are still some weaknesses hanging around. Impact will execute exactly as it did on the previous test, including all information gathering, exploitation, and pivoting.

This gives you the ability to easily and quickly test if the remediation efforts have been successful – without having to manually conduct the entire test again, saving significant time in retesting and giving you more time to do things that really matter. With all the extra time on your hands – what could you do?