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Capture Critical Configurations

A senior SecureAuth expert will analyze your environment and help you increase value at no cost


Detailed Evaluation

Get a detailed recommendation to enhance and expand your deployment

SecureAuth SSO

Get the Most from SecureAuth

Your SecureAuth access management solution provides robust adaptive access control, centralized authentication, user authorization enforcement, and single sign-on capabilities. With all of these options available, it is sometimes challenging to determine if you’re getting the most out of your investment, especially if you are on an older version with configurations and requirements that have evolved over time.

Enhancing Your Current Deployment

Our automated tool captures critical configurations and other information from your environment, which is then analyzed by senior SecureAuth experts. Once complete, we will provide you with a detailed evaluation, recommendations for enhancing and expanding your deployment.


Increase the Value of Your Current Deployment

Cog Wheels

Expert analysis of platform configurations

Map Perimeter

Assessment of your overall security position


Business-focused improvement recommendations

Cost Savings

Personalized plan for enhancing the value of your investment


Preparation for your next SecureAuth Upgrade


No cost free assessment

Identity Platform Innovations Since 9.x Release

SecureAuth has delivered extensive enhancements over the past several releases. As part of your assessment and structured follow on activities, learn how to deploy and get the most of following innovations to deliver value to your business.


Passwordless Workflows

Flexible authentication options improve security and the user experience


Biometric MFA

Leverage face or fingerprint biometrics to confidently authenticate users.


Identity Security Dashboard

View key metrics for intelligence regarding user authentication trends.


Dynamic IP Blocking

Stop password spraying and other online password attack to protect resources.


FIDO2 Webauthn

Enable users to securely log into web-based applications without a password.

Dymanic Perimeter

Dynamic Perimeter

Reduce disruptions for users who regularly move within a defined area.


Cloud Intelligence

Real-time analytics provide identity intelligence to strengthen security.

Simple Administration

Simple Administration

Simplify management and accelerate the administration of policies and workflows.


Windows 2019 Server OS

Deploy Identity Platform for on-prem or cloud deployments with Windows 2019.

Question Mark

Questionnaire as Factor

Create a pre-login questionnaire to assess risk before allowing login access.


MFA for Linux Endpoints

Protect remote Secure Socket Shell or local logins for Unix and Linux users.

Mobile SDK

Mobile SDK

Integrate SecureAuth MFA capabilities into your organization’s mobile apps.

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