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MFA is so 80s

A Totally Rad Party

Wednesday, April 26 | 6:30PM – 9:30PM
Kona Street Market

Join Our Totally Rad Party, Dude!

Turn back time to metal bands and big hair! Grab some leg warmers and acid wash jeans and party like it’s 1989.  

We know MFA is so 80s, so let’s celebrate a new modern approach to an old problem. Enjoy the venue’s original cocktails, meet (instead of text) your security peers, and get a chance to win some excellent prizes while listening to some totally awesome tunes.

RSA Party

So let your let your hair down (or up with some Aqua Net) and have fun with friends during RSA.   

RSVP ASAP. Space is limited!

Can’t make our party? Stop by our booth S-2427 for a chance to win some prizes and meet with the SecureAuth team.



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