Raising Security Without Raising Disruptions


  • Data breaches rose 40% in 20161
  • 81% of hacker-related breaches leveraged either stolen and/or weak passwords2
  • Attackers go undetected for 99 days3

It’s time for the protection your Board wants and the clean user experience your customers expect.

Organizations Struggle to Balance Security With Usability

  • Average cost of data breach is $4 Million, not including brand and revenue impact
  • Customers have little patience for cumbersome authentication steps
  • With thousands to millions of customers, helpdesk cost can skyrocket
  • High administration requirements can erode portal benefits

The Ideal Solution:

  • Protects access to systems and personally identifiable information (PII) through multi-factor authentication (MFA) and risk-analysis

  • Detects advanced threats before attackers have chance to steal valuable data and minimizes the impact of an infiltration

  • Provides SOC teams with meaningful data on failed login attempts for remediation and prevents future attacks

  • Presents less clicks for customers, only requiring a multi-factor authentication (MFA) step if risk is present



SecureAuth Adaptive Access Control can prevent the misuse of compromised credentials, and
reduce the risk of consumer portal fraud or data breach. Get the strong security you need to
stay ahead of threats, with the seamless experience your customers want.





What makes SecureAuth unique for consumer portal protection?

  • Protection Against Attacks 3000x More Secure than MFA alone

  • Only require a MFA step if risk present

  • Self-service tools keep customer productive without burdening helpdesk

  • Less administration with fast deployment and user self-service tools

  • SIEM integration enables correlation with other security data for more holistic and faster detection

Information + Intelligence = Actionable Insight





Find Out Why Our Customers Love Us

"SecureAuth is used in the front end for various SiteMinder protected applications. Its provided us with the ability to use one-time passcodes, making it exceptionally more efficient for our users to get to applications since they can do it from their work or home devices without connecting to the VPN." 

– Security Engineer, Large Enterprise Healthcare Company