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Every industry is unique, and when it comes to security, some industries have more pressing security needs. The need to protect sensitive customer data in the face of growing compliance concerns, massive complexity, new attack vectors and methods, and mounting pressure to not be "the next headline" is enormous. SecureAuth understands this pressure and has developed unique and adaptable security solutions across several specialized industry verticals. 

With a strong and happy customer base in Financial, Healthcare, Retail, Public Sector and Higher Education, you can rest assured that SecureAuth has you covered. Select an industry to dig in and learn more.


Success Across Industries


"We knew the requirements we had and we were able to single out SecureAuth to match our needs best"


"The outstanding thing is the flexibility, security, and thought that has been put into SecureAuth's Multi-Factor authentication."

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Security in Healthcare

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Security in Finance

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Security in Higher Education

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