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Today’s modern higher education institution is a complicated labyrinth of physical campuses, online learning, students, faculty, alumni and research partners from both the public and private sector. More people from more groups than ever before need access to various applications, intellectual property (IP), and core systems. Your institution is a treasure trove of personally identifiable information (PII) and IP for hackers – and they are seeking any vulnerability to find a way inside. While much has been done to secure network and end point security, the new frontier in the cyber security war is being waged at the Identity level. Think you’ve got it covered? Perhaps you should think again.

Key Drivers in HigherEd:

  • Centralization – IOT (Integrated Office of Technology) is grappling with standardizing security choices of different physical campuses using differing structure and protection methods. Does your current authentication allow you to unify with ease while enabling delegated administration?
  • Secured Collaboration – HigherEd advances through sharing via peer to peer learning, public/private research, conference and consortiums, but the sharing must be properly secured. How confident are you that you can determine identities properly? Are you currently able to strengthen Shibboleth Single Sign On (SSO) by transparently adding secure authentication in front of it?
  • MFA over 2FA – Because of rampant identity theft and a growing realization that PII may no longer be reliable for authentication, the future is not antiquated two-factor authentication (2FA) but passwordless and adaptive multi-factor authentication. We can meet your basic authentication needs today and provide a growth path to greater security in the future or take you to the most advanced security offered in the industry. Your choice, are you ready?
  • User Experience – Creating frictionless access for all parties without shackling everyone with a “one-size-fits-all” authentication workflow means you need a way to offer maximum flexibility and infinite workflows to accommodate different access levels for various user types related to individual systems and assets. Can your existing identity solution handle these demands?
  • User Self Service – Help Desks are flooded at the beginning of semesters and most requests throughout the year are for password reset and account unlocking. Does your current system include an integrated way to reliably automate these functions without help desk involvement?

SecureAuth for HigherEd

For the first time, you no longer have to accept trade-offs between security, user experience and interoperability across systems. SecureAuth is a perfect fit for the rigorous demands of HigherEd because our incomparably flexible Adaptive Authentication platform does what no other solution can:

  • Adds strong authentication in front of SSO to guarantee identities with confidence
  • Delivers the most-comprehensive pre-authentication risk assessment in a fraction of a second to ensure no one gets in who shouldn’t; renders stolen credentials completely worthless to bad actors
  • Provides an infinitely adaptable number of workflows to accommodate different access controls for different groups of users (faculty, staff, student, research partner, alumni, etc.) as well as roles within those groups (e.g. administration, professors, teaching assistants, adjunct, contractors, etc.)
  • Offers a hybrid approach – deploy on premises, in the Cloud (IDaaS), or both while making your existing investments better

Use SecureAuth to:

  • Improve user experience so that identity security is no longer an impediment to knowledge sharing
    • Situationally step up/step down security based on risk to the organization
    • Offer Single Sign On (SSO) with strong authentication, and
    • Provide User Self-Service (e.g. Password Reset, Account Unlocking, Enrollment)
  • Centralize identity security and management through our integration into all systems and databases so that authenticated users can effortlessly call against different directory stores
  • Secure online access by utilizing more than 20+ multi-factor authentication methods, layering industry-leading pre-authentication risk checks and having the flexibility to add evolving methods as they become accepted
  • Continuously monitor and provide audit trails for all individual activities and suspicious events from the moment a user logs in until they sign out
  • Eliminate identity vulnerabilities associated with standard SSO to stop bad actors and risky IP addresses (e.g TOR) in their tracks while remaining fully interoperable with Shibboleth/Internet2 standards
  • Meet 508 compliance requirements – and whatever government regulations or mandates emerge in the future
  • Augment or replace existing identity and access control solutions in days or weeks, not months or years

"SecureAuth helped secure information and eased burden of support due to password recovery service."


IT Director
Educational Institution

"SecureAuth has helped us make some complex workflows work."


IT Director
Educational Institution

SecureAuth – A higher level of identity protection for higher education.

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