Behavioral Biometrics

Game-changing technology that uses unique behaviors — keystrokes and mouse movements —to help determine identities with confidence.

Up to 60% of breaches involve attackers using stolen user credentials.
Stop them in their tracks.

Behavioral Biometrics is a cutting-edge technology that analyzes user behavior to help verify a user's identity without impacting a daily routine. Biometric authentication continuously collects information about how a user interacts with a device type, including keystrokes and mouse movement, and creates a unique behavioral biometric user template on each device. When user behavior doesn't match the legitimate user's template, SecureAuth IdP will require multi-factor authentication — thwarting cyber crime by making stolen credentials worthless.

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Learn how idP's use of Behavioral Biometrics has forever changed adaptive/risk-based authentication.


Six Layers of Adaptive, Risk-Based Authentication Security

With Behavioral Biometrics, IdP offers significantly more silent risk analysis compared to its competitors. The advanced adaptive authentication/risk-based analysis employs device recognition, threat services, directory lookup, geo-location and geo-velocity. In total, six layers of defense to safeguard user credentials. Each of these risk checks is done without the user even knowing. If risks are present, IdP requires multi-factor authentication to proceed.


With SecureAuth IdP, Usability is High and Time to Value is Short

A low-risk, high-value solution, IdP can dramatically increase security by detecting misuse of valid user credentials. It reduces costs and disruption because no special hardware or tokens are required. Time to value is quick because it integrates easily into existing infrastructure in a matter of hours or days, not months or years. Furthermore, it doesn’t force a dangerous tradeoff between additional protection and user experience like solutions from competitors do.

SecureAuth IdP is the only solution that offers continuous authentication and up to 99% accuracy.

SecureAuth IdP delivers accurate, non-stop authentication security with minimal impact to users. Unlike other solutions that consider their job done after initial secure authentication is complete, IdP continues to monitor users' behavioral biometrics throughout the day, checking for inconsistencies from sign in to log out. This critical layer of continuous adaptive authentication is not offered by any other vendor.


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    Behavioral biometric authentication is always active and can't be manipulated by the user.

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    Builds behavioral biometric templates that are unique to each individual user for each device type they use.

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    The protection is not limited to specific computers or locations.

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    Users do not have to change their work routines or even know the technology is in place.

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    This risk-based authentication technology is up to 99% accurate when fully deployed.


  • Prevents cyber crime and keeps attackers that have comprised, accurate credentials out of your systems.

  • Minimizes user impact by requiring multi-factor authentication only when sufficient risk is present.

  • Reduces costs and disruption because no special hardware or tokens are required.

  • Delivers quick time to value, because it is easy to integrate into existing web infrastructures and can be deployed in hours or days instead of months or years.

  • Protects user and corporate data throughout every session by applying continuous authentication.

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